Powerful Affirmation Mantras As Lunar Nodes Move Into Libra & Aries - July 18


A fascinating shift is taking place in the astral realm. What’s moving is not a planet, nor an asteroid, but a ghost-like cosmic archetype that floats in the sky! Known as the Nodes of Destiny - Lunar Nodes are the intersectional points between the Sun and the Moon. They are extremely important, as they create eclipses, which are the astrological events that shape the astrology of any given year. The Lunar Nodes are the reason why Eclipses have a karmic and fated feel to them, as they relate to past lives and each soul’s journey. 

For the past eighteen months, the Lunar Node of Destiny has been in Taurus and Scorpio, bringing enormous change to the way we relate to one another. This deep inner work will continue, but it will have a different flavor.

From July 18th, 2023 to January 12, 2025, the Nodes will be in Libra and Aries, instigating us all, regardless of our sign, to work with the qualities of those two zodiac archetypes within our lives.


South Node in Libra: Libra has many beautiful qualities. However, because the South Node functions as a cosmic broom or vacuum here, we must ditch its shadow side or lower vibration. Being a dual sign, Libra often seeks other people’s validation. Seeking peace and harmony is also its deepest desire, but it turns to “people-pleasing” when avoiding the truth at all costs. Over the next twelve months, avoiding these behaviors will save you headaches and heartbreaks. 

Do Ritual Work On Letting Go Of:




Attachment to external harmony.

The need to run away from conflict.

Seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes


North Node in Aries: Aries has a bad rep but has amazing qualities. Aries knows what it wants—and it’s not afraid of grabbing it! At its highest vibration, Aries is the Spiritual Warriors and Trailblazer, unafraid to speak up, chase its goals, and lead by example. Aries is audaciously independent and doesn’t relate for the fear of flying solo. Over the next twelve months, channeling your inner Aries will turn the cosmic winds in your favor!

Do Ritual Work On Cultivating:





Moderation in giving.

Trust in your own impulses


Powerful Mantras During This Time:

“I am a courageous leader.”

“To be truly happy, I only need my own soul’s validation.”

“I no longer see myself through someone else’s eyes; I create my own colorful filter.”

“When I show myself exactly as I am, I inspire others to be their own authentic selves.”

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