New Moon In Cancer Ritual - for Monday July 17


New Moon Water Ritual - for Monday July 17

Can you feel the earth beneath you moving? Astrologically speaking, this is a jammed-packed week that will require careful handling. Fortunately, the first astral event lends us the ideal lunar energy to seek the guidance we need not only for this week, but for the entire upcoming lunar cycle.

On Monday, July 17th at 11:32 a.m. Pacific Time, the sun and the moon kiss in the sky to give birth to this month’s New Moon. Delivering a double dose of emotional Cancerian vibes, its waters run deep, full of nostalgia and maybe even tears. If you’re experiencing the full spectrum of emotions now, you’re doing it right!

This New Moon in Cancer unearths Plutonian powers, bringing back spirits of our past. Themes around family, roots, and lineage come back for closure, re-connection, or reminiscence. As the veil thins, we hear our ancestors calling our names, offering us their assistance. If you are ready to download some divine guidance from above now, this ritual is for you!

The Ritual

You will need sage, a clean glass jar full of water, three small pieces of Moonstone, pen and paper, and an image of a female ancestor you desire to connect with.

Head to a place where you will be alone and undisturbed. If it’s near a body of water, even better! Begin by clearing your space with the sage as you invoke the watchers of the land to protect your ritual. Put the water jar on the floor and surround it with the Moonstone pieces by forming a triangle around it.

Next, open the jar to absorb the energy around and grab the image of your female ancestor. As you hold the image next to your heart, remember the memories you shared together. Cry, smile, or tell her how much she means to you.

Once you feel ready, say the following mantra: “Oh divine ancestor, I stand here, under the Cancer New Moon, to request assistance from beyond the veil. Dare to bless this water with your wisdom and I shall receive your celestial guidance over the lunar cycle ahead. I hear you, I see you, I feel you. I honor you.”   

Thank the watchers of the land for their protection and seal the jar. Over the next month, open the jar and drink a sip of water any time you desire to feel your ancestor’s love within your heart.    

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