Weekly Astrology Forecast I June 19 - Jupiter sextile Saturn: How Your Sign Can Harness the Magic of the Gods

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By Narayana Montúfar 


Mantra: “The cosmic gods are conspiring in my favor, and I hear their calling.”

Get excited! This Monday, June 19th brings a somewhat rare and positive astrological alignment. Out of the ten planets in our solar system, two of them share a unique signature. Jupiter and Saturn are the only two “social planets,” due to their placement in the sky setting the tone for the collective, for the entire year.

Seen as divine forces, they are antithetical archetypes, with Jupiter being the God of expansion, growth, and abundance—and Saturn being the God of Boundaries, Responsibility, and Mastery. In 2023, they work together, instigating the type of growth that is grounded and realistic, with long-term effects. During their orchestrated collaboration—active from May 12th to July 18th and then again in the entire month of December—they will help us succeed. Harnessing their power consists in uniting the two astrological houses (Taurus & Pisces) that they occupy for each zodiac sign, which is something you might be already feeling!


Read your Sun as well as Rising sign:

Aries: Try seeing your sense of spirituality through a monetary lens, which might require changing your value system.

Taurus: Craft a new identity taking into consideration one big impact that you would like to make in the world.

Gemini: Adopt a more spiritual approach to your overall career plan as well as a long-term life plan. 

Cancer: Dare to upgrade your overall life philosophy by embracing a cause and playing a bigger role in society. 

Leo: Invite long-term success in your career by opening your heart to creating more intimate bonds with colleagues.

Virgo: Open your mind by collaborating, dating, and hanging out with people from different walks of life from your own.

Libra: Be discerning and only focus on the projects, people, and lifestyle practices that truly resonate with you.

Scorpio: Find ways to collaborate with people one-on-one—either for business, creativity, or just for fun!

Sagittarius: Consider starting a side hustle from the comfort of your home or adopt a full-on remote working mode.

Capricorn: This is the year to embrace self-expression by writing a book, launching a podcast, and even teaching lectures.

Aquarius: It’s time to tighten your belt so you can begin saving money to purchase that home or begin that renovation.

Pisces: Embrace a new era of your life by seeing yourself as the talented communicator that you are.



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