Weekly Astrology Forecast I June 12 - New Moon in Gemini: You Get a Do Over

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By Narayana Montúfar 


Mantra: “At this New Moon, I dissolve the old beliefs that were holding me back. Only then, can I embrace a new beginning.”

This week, we are heading towards interesting alignments in the sky, and it will be crucial to stay aware of our energy levels. It’s a New Moon week—however, we will not feel the classic “new moon, new me” type of energy. This lunation will require deep spiritual work, and the more attention and self-awareness we invest in it, the more we will get out of it!

We are in the last few days of Gemini season, an intellectual air sign that is all about the mind. As the luminaries meet here, we get a double dose of mental energy, finding us deeply focused on figuring something out. But as we get deeper in our subject, we might realize that the way we’ve been seeing it is, little by little, changing.

This is due to Neptune, the Planet of Dissolution, making a strong appearance at this lunation. Suddenly, we realize that the progress we have made wasn’t real or has gone nowhere. But the worst one can do when Neptune is activated is adopting a victim mentality. Instead, we must realize that whatever Neptune is “dissolving” from our lives was not meant to be. Or at least, it was not meant to work the way “we envisioned it.”

But here’s the good news! Even if we don’t feel that way now, June’s New Moon, arriving at 9:37 p.m. Pacific Time, truly represents a massive do-over. On exactly this same day, Saturn, the Master Cosmic Builder, goes retrograde. In astrology, Saturn is the natural force that helps us build meaningful things in our lives. The fact that Saturn goes retrograde now gives us the clue that whatever didn’t fully manifest for us has a second chance!

This is how retrogrades are useful, and this retrograde of Saturn in particular, can be harnessed to rethink, restore, and rebuild our strategy. We have from June 17 to November 4 to perfect it—but first, we must dissolve the old ways of thinking that led us to this moment. This is when Gemini’s “master mind” comes into the picture. This sign’s duality allows us to see the completely opposite side of our strategy, allowing us to embrace a new beginning that will develop over the next four months!



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