Weekly Astrology Forecast I June 5 - TALISMAN RITUAL - Invoke the Power of Goddess Sekhmet

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By Narayana Montúfar 

As you enter this week, put your hands on your heart and notice if there is a new spark being born. On Monday, June 5th, Venus enters the skies of Leo. Venus normally traverses this territory in three weeks—but in 2023, due to its upcoming retrograde motion, Venus will remain here for four months. This means that this planet-sign combination will greatly transform us and color our entire summer!
While this retrograde won’t begin until July 22nd, this grandiose entrance could begin showing us the future energetic themes we will be working with. In astrology, Venus rules pleasure, love, relationships, and money—and Leo rules creativity, fun, visibility, and vitality. When Venus and Leo combine forces, we enjoy the most magnificent union of solar and feminine energies—very reminiscent of the powerful Goddess Sekhmet. This half-lion, half-female divinity was known as the daughter, guardian, and defendant of Ra (the Sun) in ancient Egypt. If you feel called to create a Talisman that invokes the guidance and protection of this solar feminine archetype, the ritual below is for you!

The Sekhmet Talisman

You will need sage, a red candle, matches, a yellow or orange pen or crayon, and a printed image of Sekhmet. For an extra boost, perform it either on Friday or Sunday.  
Head to a place that receives the light of the Sun, either inside or outside. After energetically cleaning the space with Sage, turn the candle and sit down to meditate. In your mind, transport yourself to ancient Egypt, admiring one of the majestic 730 statues created in Sekhmet’s honor. The most important step is imagining her emanating the warmest, most divine light, coming alive in full fierce Lioness mode.
After connecting with her spirit, grab the printed image, pens, and crayons, and begin to paint flowers and symbols of divine feminine energy around her. Once you are finished, point your left hand toward the Sun and your right hand toward the Sekhmet image while saying the following mantra five times:
“Oh, divine Lion goddess of Egypt, the protector of light and creativity, impregnate my Talisman with your spirit, so it can guide me during the upcoming Venus in Leo rite of passage that I’m about to begin.”
Finish by saying out loud… “so mote it be!” Every time you need to access your creativity and happiness over the next four months, meditate with this powerful Sekhmet Talisman.



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