Weekly Astrology Forecast I March 27 - ATTRACT YOUR DESIRES

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The last week of March is relatively quiet in the sky. The strongest alignment involves a total of four astrological influences—Uranus, Venus, Juno, and the North Node of Destiny—in the skies of Taurus. As the most sensual of all zodiac signs, Taurus is all about experiencing life through the senses. 

The sign of the Bull has the cosmic job of reminding us that feeling, seeking, and surrendering to pleasure is not only our birthright, but also what awakens our ability to attract what we most desire. With Venus, the Goddess of Pleasure, and Juno, the Goddess of Commitment involved, this week’s astrology feels like a call to honor our inner Goddess. If you are ready to unleash her, the ritual below is for you! 

The Ritual
You will need rose oil, a pink candle, a bouquet of roses, a handheld mirror, your phone camera, and your favorite sensual outfit as well as playlist. For better results: perform this ritual on a Friday night, March 31st

After gathering your spiritual tools, begin by cleansing your space with your preferred herb, clearing the four corners of your room. Then, turn the candle on, put on your sensual outfit, and turn on your favorite playlist. Begin to dance slowly to the rhythms of the music while you anoint yourself with the rose oil. Close your eyes and allow yourself to get lost in the scent, sounds, and sensations. 

Once you feel totally relaxed, grab the bouquet of flowers and begin setting yourself an altar either on a couch, your bed, or even the floor. Proceed to lay on your altar, grab your mirror and while looking at yourself with love and awe, repeat the following mantra three times: 

“I am the divine delight personified.
I honor my inner Goddess,
fully awakened by the pleasure of feeding my senses.”

After repeating it, grab your phone and begin taking pictures of yourself. Allow yourself to be sensual, fully immersing in the pleasure of unleashing that divine feminine energy that makes you special. Once you’re happy with the shots, end the ritual by putting the flowers in a big bowl of water and leaving it outside or by a window as a tribute to the sky. 

If you feel called to do so, print some of the images to put them in your ritual space or altar to remind you of the Goddess that resides within you. 

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