Weekly Astrology Forecast I March 6 - Full Moon in Virgo: Manifest That Dream!

Mantra: “I am the link between fantasy and reality; I am a powerful manifestor.”

Feel the grounding energy of this week’s astrology, as it arrives at a critical time along our journey. Since February 18th, the Sun has been illuminating the deep waters of Pisces. As the Sign of the Cosmic Mermaid, Pisces has a strong connection to the concept of creation, bringing magical ideas that are beginning to come out from the ethereal to the material world.  

While Pisces is a dreamy water sign, we are currently experiencing the great influence of a total of six planetary bodies occupying the skies of Aries (check out our past blog about this line-up). While we might be swimming in the world of numinous fantasy, we are also feeling ambitious, hungry, and ready to manifest!  

And guess what? The time has come! On Tuesday, March 7th at 4:40 a.m. Pacific Time, the Moon will sit across from the Sun to form this month’s Full Moon. Happening in Virgo, this lunar energy is exactly what we need in a week of major manifestation potential. 

As an archetype, Virgo is the Analyst, as its organizing and discerning abilities are unmatchable by any other sign. Often misunderstood as a “perfectionist,” Virgo’s earthy energy yearns to solidify ideas, often bringing shape and form to concepts that are nebulous or still in the early stages of conception. Being one of the worker bees of the Zodiac, Virgo shows up to help us make that big and wild dream come true! 

Full Moons are always times of endings and manifestation, as they bring the overall energy of the sky to a climax. However, this Full Moon in Virgo comes with a special favor from a powerful teacher. Just an hour after this Full Moon occurs, Saturn, the Teacher Planet ruler of Time and Structure, changes signs. (Check out our upcoming blog dedicated to this rare event). Since Saturn is entering Pisces, where the Sun currently is, our dreams and hopes are granted the opportunity to leave the ethers to become tangible and real. 

While the elemental planetary configuration in the sky is less than balanced, we are still under powerful, lucky stars! This is a week to show up for yourself, channel your inner Virgo, and do the work required to see a cherished goal come to fruition. And to those who’ve already done the work, just watch the universe deliver it to you! 





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