Weekly Astrology Forecast I May 13: Taurus Stellium: Honor What Brings You Pleasure

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By Narayana Montúfar 

How often do you truly love yourself? This week, the sky conjures the ideal celestial landscape to do exactly that! We will experience what astrologers call a Taurus Stellium, when a total of four planets (Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus) align in pleasure-seeking Taurus. This somewhat rare astral meet-up feels like a cosmic permission to behave decadently and give our souls what they truly yearn and love. Below is a mini-ritual tailored to each Zodiac sign. Before performing, set the intention for it to bring you ease, happiness, and pleasure. 

Aries: Gaze at the flame of a candle while setting the intention of attracting more abundance into your life in the form of money, success, or relationships. 

Taurus: Prepare yourself a bath loaded with roses and Geranium essential oil and set the intention to be reminded of your immense inner and outer beauty. 

Gemini: Write a self-love letter to yourself while listing all the qualities that make you special. Put it by your bed or on your altar. 

Cancer: Put an image of the Moon by your bed and set the intention to be guided by her spirit every time you enter the realm of dreams. 

Leo: Activate the powers of your spirit animal by wearing a piece of clothing or accessory with the imprint of a cheetah, lion, or any other feline. 

Virgo: Go to the plant shop and buy yourself the most decadent and beautiful plant in the store. Yes - you are absolutely worth it! 

Libra: Call your bestie and together, book a spa day or give yourself in-house treatments from the comfort of your house. 

Scorpio: Cast a protective spell by putting a small piece of Black Tourmaline in each one of the four corners of your home. 

Sagittarius: Create a digital (or even better - a real) collage of all the places you would like to visit in the world and keep it in a sacred space. 

Capricorn: Write a list of your major accomplishments and resolve to give yourself a little treat for each one of them as a token of self-appreciation. 

Aquarius: Purchase that book, class, or masterclass you can’t stop thinking about and allow yourself a whole afternoon to dive into what fascinates you about it. 

Pisces: After taking a relaxing bath, anoint your entire body with Rose essential oil while looking at the mirror and repeating the mantra “I am beautiful inside and out.” 


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