Weekly Astrology Forecast I May 6: A New Moon Rose Water Ritual for Manifestation

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By Narayana Montúfar 

It’s a New Moon week - which means, we are in for a new beginning. We are so happy to report that this week’s New Moon, arriving on Tuesday, May 7th at 8:22 p.m. PT, is one of the most fortunate of the entire year. Why? Let’s dive into all the sweet reasons why we are entering a potent portal for manifestation! 

  1. This New Moon is happening in Taurus, a sign ruled by Venus - the Planet of Pleasure, Love, and Money. Venus also happens to be traveling in Taurus, amping up this lunation’s powers of creation. 
  2. According to Egyptian cosmology, it is happening in a specific part of the sky that connects us with Jupiter - the Planet of Growth, Abundance and Expansion. Jupiter also happens to be in Taurus and will leave this sign in just two weeks to not return to it for twelve years. 
  3. This New Moon continues a story that began around April 20, which is when a rare conjunction gave birth to brilliant new ideas. Big aha moments and breakthroughs have and will continue to arrive, and this New Moon gives us an opportunity to act on them. 

If you are ready to give form to your ideas over this lunar cycle, the ritual below helps you capture the essence of this powerful lunation. 

 New Moon Rose Water

You will need 3 cups of rose petals, 8 cups of distilled water, a pot, a strainer, and a spray bottle. 

Gather your ingredients and begin taking a few deep cleansing breaths. Visualize a golden triangle being formed by the Sun, the Moon, and Venus hovering over you. This triangle creates a beam of pink light surrounding you and your ingredients while you set the intention of co-creating with the blessings of Goddess Venus. 

You are now ready to make your Moon water! Add your rose petals and distilled water to your pot and begin warming the pot on low heat. After covering the pot, allow your petals to simmer for 44 minutes as you wait nearby repeating the mantra: “I co-create with Venus, the Goddess of Manifestation.” 

Once you notice the petals losing their color completely, extinguish the fire and leave the water to cool off completely. Next, strain the water into a spray bottle and keep it in your refrigerator. For the next month, pull it out and spray yourself any time you want to connect with your own forces of creation. 



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