Weekly Astrology Forecast I May 27: Mercury Conjunct Uranus: A Crystal Ceremony to Free Your Mind

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By Narayana Montúfar 

Mantra: “When I free my mind, I make room for the universe to surprise me.” 

May - one of the most positive and life-changing months of 2024, closes with a bang! This week’s sky features one of the most exhilarating combinations of energies. Mercury (the Planet of the Lower Mind), will merge with Uranus (the Planet of the Higher Mind). While this yearly conjunction crystalizes on Thursday, it will be felt all week. 

Like all planetary combinations, it holds two different possibilities. At its lower vibration, it can bring anxiety, nervousness, and disruption in communication. At its higher vibration, its electrifying waves can be the catalysts for breakthroughs, epiphanies, and the birth of brilliant ideas. The “unusual” becomes easier to grasp, but to reach it, we must open our minds! 

The caveat? This yearly meet-up is happening in Taurus, a zodiac sign that is known for being set in its beliefs. As the only Fixed Earth sign of the Zodiac, Taurus energy finds it hard to embrace change, resembling a plant being repotted. This week, the universe can surprise us - only if we can get to unroot from our belief system. Are you ready? The Crystal Ceremony below will guide you! 

Your Mind-Freeing Crystal Ceremony

You will need a piece of Bismuth crystal, sage, a purple candle, matches, and a pen & paper. 

Light the purple candle as you repeat the following mantra three times: “I conjure a complete openness of the mind. I free my mind from the past.” With the candle’s flame, light the sage and pass it through your entire body - from head to toe and vice versa. Next, pass the sage around the Bismuth crystal and put it on top of your head, above your Crown Chakra. Visualize a violet beam of light coming from the sky, clearing your mind from dark dust, which is representative of old ideas. 

Next, write three limiting beliefs that are holding you back from communing with your unique brilliance. (Example of a limiting belief: “I do not focus more on my art because it’s impossible to make a living with it.”) Look at the belief, feel it, make peace with it. Then, tear the sheet and burn it (safely) with the candle’s flame. Do the same with the next two limiting beliefs.  

Lastly, write the complete opposite of each one of the three beliefs in one sheet, slowly repeat each one, and put the sheet on your refrigerator, where you can see it every day. 


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