Weekly Astrology Forecast I June 3: Venus Star Point: Your Sign’s Affirmation for the Sweetest Day of the Year

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By Narayana Montúfar 

Open your mind and arms to receive the beauty of the universe! On Tuesday, June 4th at 8:32 a.m. PST, we welcome what astrologers call the Venus Star Point. Today, the Goddess of Pleasure is illuminated by the rays of the Sun, activating vibrations of romance, abundance, and sweetness for all zodiac signs. This is an “inception” moment, whose effects extend until the next Venus Star Point occurs, arriving on January 6, 2026! 

This time around, the Venus Star Point occurs in the sign of Gemini, an Air sign that specializes in the written and spoken word. To activate these sweet vibrations, our rituals should be strongly infused with mantras, affirmations, and poetry spell-casting. And no, you do not have to be a Gemini to harness Venusian abundance. This celestial meet-up activates a specific astrological house for each zodiac sign. Below is a mantra that can accompany your desires for manifestation starting this week and until the end of 2025. Check your Rising as well as your Sun sign. 

Aries: My mind is my superpower; everything I decree materializes into physical form. My words are magical spells. 

Taurus: It is safe for me to attract all the financial abundance I desire; I open my arms to a life full of riches. 

Gemini: My softer, most receptive side is coming out to play, securing me a year of great abundance. 

Cancer: When I close my eyes, the goddess of love whispers in my ears, serenading me into the dreamiest of headspaces. 

Leo: Venus enlivens my friendships, creating a feeling of closeness with those who notice the light I shine outward. 

Virgo: Success is written in my stars! Venus adds spring to my step as I make my mark in the world! 

Libra: My senses are awakened to the beauty of the unusual and the exotic, attracting abundance all around me.  

Scorpio: I surrender to my desire to reach the deepest level of intimacy; a deeper union is within reach. 

Sagittarius: I only attract the connections that truly mirror my deep desire to expand beyond my dreams. 

Capricorn: Goddess Venus assists me in creating the life of my dreams, now everything revolves around my daily happiness. 

Aquarius: My attractor factor is elevated to an all-time high; pleasure, joy, and love affairs are in my stars! 

Pisces: I vow to only surround myself with beauty, harmony, and that which only calms and feeds my senses. 


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