Choose the Correct Path With this Gemini New Moon Ritual

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By Narayana Montúfar 

Sometimes, life can feel like a never-ending seesaw - but in the end, these ups and downs are what make our experience rich and interesting. On June 6th at 5:38 a.m. PST, we collectively experience an energetic reset with the arrival of this month’s New Moon. Remember, all New Moons are unique according to the zodiac sign they happen in and the astrological connections they form with other planets. 

Thursday’s New Moon brings a triple dose of Gemini energy, with the Sun, the Moon, and Venus parked in the dual sign of the Twins forming a tense connection with stern Saturn. This combination can have a lot of different meanings for many of us. But at its core, it signifies that the new beginnings we are experiencing now come with their fair share of obstacles. Whatever is being born in our lives at this time is requesting hard work and focus, as well as the need to choose between two different paths or options. To get you aligned with the energetic work that is now being required from you, we have crafted the following ritual. 

Gemini New Moon Ritual

You will need two medium pieces of paper, a pen, matches, and two small different-colored candles (preferably with holders). 

First, gather all your items in front of you and sit down to meditate on your two options as you imagine a bright blue bubble of light coming down from the sky, protecting you and your ritual allies. Once you feel grounded, grab one of the candles and with your hands, infuse it with option number one. Then, write this option on a piece of paper and put it under the candle. Next, do the exact same with the second candle. Infuse it with your path or option two, followed by writing it on the second piece of paper, and putting it under the other candle. 

Reconnect with both candles by imagining the bubble surrounding you one more time and repeat the following mantra as you light both candles: “Saturn, master of the skies, show me the way by first burning the correct candle. Thank you - I trust your guidance.” Your work is now done and all you need to do is meditate or rest while the candles burn down. The first candle to be completely finished will show you which path or option is the correct one for you at this New Moon. 

You now know which route to take, trust it, and follow it. 


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