Weekly Astrology Forecast I June 10: Overcome Energetic Challenges

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By Narayana Montúfar 

Mantra: “The bigger the challenge, the bigger the triumph is afterward.” 

Prepare for a week of self-analyzation. Over the next seven days, the planets above us will be forming a lot of squares with each other. In astrology, a square is when two planets traveling in incompatible Zodiac signs face off, creating friction. It resembles two people having completely different opinions and needing to air out their differences. It sounds intense and it is, but at a deeper level, squares are truly catalysts for growth because they push us to find solutions and middle ground. Let’s pull apart this week’s astrology to get guidance when performing rituals. 

Tuesday: Mars square Pluto 

Since Pluto last entered Aquarius at the beginning of 2024, many of us have ended old paths and begun new journeys. This week, a moment of crisis might make us entirely doubt that new job, venture, or relationship. Instead of backtracking or trying to control the situation, look for out-of-the-box solutions to the challenge you now face. Light a candle, pause for a moment, and figure out what truly lies beneath the surface of what appears to be happening. Once you find the solution, don’t resist it and resolve to move forward with it. 

Wednesday: Mercury square Saturn

Communication is tricky this week, especially when it comes to interacting with authority figures or serious types of processes or paperwork. Some of us might be asked to re-work a proposal or project, which will require a deep state of thinking, focus, and alone time. Under this planetary clash, gloomy thoughts are our enemies, as it also is to get stuck between two very different solutions. After relying on the classic ritual of writing pros and cons, choose the response that has the most pros and stick with it! Your hard effort will be rewarded. 

Sunday: Venus square Neptune

After a week of effort, the weekend presents yet another challenge as our sense of self-worth is tested. If not careful, we could get down on ourselves as an energy of distortion enters the scene. Did we look okay or say the wrong thing at a party or get-together? Alternatively, a comment coming from an acquaintance could take us on a mental trip from which it might be difficult to return. Practicing self-love and pampering ourselves is the best way to close a week that otherwise might leave us feeling wobbly. 


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