Weekly Astrology Forecast I May 8 - Sun Conjunct Uranus: Seek Enlightenment

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By Narayana Montúfar 

Mantra: “When I hear the universe’s call to seek freedom, I unleash my inner muse.”

Welcome to an exciting week! Since April 20th, the Sun has been shining brightly in the skies of Taurus. And as soon as Tuesday arrives, it will activate the most fascinating planet of all… wild child Uranus! In astrology, Uranus can be seen as the Shaker, the Maverick, and the Rebel. It is tasked with getting us out of our comfort zone with the finality of enlightening us. 

But we all know that enlightenment doesn’t come easily, as it requires us to be open to the cosmic brilliance that is available to us. To awaken us, Uranus will instigate change, and the more we seek it or accept it, the more brilliance will be available to us. Below are practical guidelines for each sign to harness this week’s cosmic innovative vibes.  


How to Harness Uranus According to Your Zodiac Sign

Read your rising sign as well as your sun sign: 

Aries: Inspect your budget or finances through a new lens. If you want to take it further, consider investing in bitcoin. 

Taurus: Do something radical to your appearance by getting a crazy haircut or adopting a funky dressing style. 

Gemini: Explore radical meditation or new spiritual practices like hypnosis, chakra balancing, akashic records, and even past life regressions.  

Cancer: Research activist groups you would like to be a part of with an emphasis on climate change or sustainable fashion. 

Leo: Explore new career paths if interested. Alternatively, look for new technologies or tools to boost your productivity. 

Virgo: Break your routine by tasting ethnic cuisines, watching international films, or dare to book a trip to a faraway destination. 

Libra: Consider new ways of relating to people and if you have a partner and feel comfortable, explore your sexuality. 

Scorpio: Explore working with a transformational coach, healer, or therapist who could help you shatter your fears and reach your goals. 

Sagittarius: Change your daily routines, take a different route, test a new wellness practice, and seek new ways of having fun! 

Capricorn: Channel your inner rebel by skipping work for the express purpose of having fun and connecting with your inner muse. 

Aquarius: Bring change to your immediate environment by rearranging the art or furniture, or reinstalling colorful lamps or lighting. 

Pisces: Feed your mind by exploring eclectic art, listening to cutting-edge podcasts, or even exploring your writing skills.


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