Weekly Astrology Forecast I November 14 - Venus & Mercury in Sagittarius: Reawaken the Guru Within

By: Narayana Montufar 

Mantra: “When I get in touch with my creativity, I reawaken my inner guru.” 


As we enter the second week of November, the Sun is illuminating the dark corners of Scorpio, paving the way for deep transformation to take place. In our search for becoming the very best version of ourselves, two planets offer a bright ray of light and optimism. Their names are Mercury and Venus. 

In astrology, Venus is the Planet of Pleasure, Self-worth, and Money. Its placement in the sky at any given time rules the ebb and flow of our forces of attraction, as well as the way we connect with others at a romantic and social level. Basically, the zodiac sign where Venus is positioned will color all the sweet, beautiful things we will encounter during those three weeks. 

Mercury, our Cosmic Messenger and the ruler of all things communication, also plays a vital role in our everyday lives. Its placement in the sky at any given time rules how we think, speak, and process information. When trying to explain how important Mercury is, all it takes is to remind folks of the funny and sometimes annoying incidents that occur when the Planet of Thought is in retrograde motion. 

Astronomically speaking, Mercury and Venus are very close to Earth, which is the reason why their movements affect us so greatly. And especially now, during this time of incredible transformation, brought to you by eclipse season, they bring major silver linings as both enter the optimistic and jovial sign of Sagittarius! 

Venus enters Sagittarius on Wednesday, November 16th at 1:09 a.m. PT, followed by Mercury on Thursday, November 17th at 12:42 a.m. PT. Midweek, take a moment to feel this shift in energy—it could literally feel like seeing a rainbow after a stormy day. Feel the fiery optimism of this sign reawaken your spirit. 

As an archetype, Sagittarius is the Adventurous Archer and Spiritual Seeker. As Venus and Mercury illuminate this archetype for the next three weeks, we are being invited to tap into our artistic juices. Creativity is the ultimate effect of the union of these two planets, and the door to unleashing Sagittarius’ philosophical approach to life. By focusing on writing, painting, crafting, and basically creating anything that sparks our imagination, we align with the energy of Sagittarius, which will lead us to spiritual breakthroughs as we awaken the Sage and the Guru within.



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