Weekly Astrology Forecast I November 8 – Mercury Communication Goes Within

By Narayana Montúfar

Drive & Strategy: On November 5th, Mercury finally left the skies of Libra to enter the deep and healing waters of Scorpio. During the time Mercury was in Libra, our focus was on balancing our one-on-one relationships. Now in Scorpio, Mercury’s main interest is to dive deep into the heart of a matter in order to master it. And during the week ahead, our Master Communicator will make three important connections with other planets. Expect to be busy, as the energy will be ramping up quite quickly!

The first planet Mercury will connect with is Mars, the Planet of Drive. Our mental activity will increase, and our research capabilities will be strong, making the beginning of the week ideal for diving into activities that require deep focus. If you have been trying to figure out an important part of a project, this combination can provide the drive to finally find that last piece of the puzzle. However, because of other planetary connections, know that the energy at play is not ideal for starting new projects, it’s better for concentrating on something we already began.

Saturn, the Planet of Boundaries, is also activated by Mercury this week. So, as you focus on perfecting this idea or project, do expect to feel a creative blockage, or at least the feeling of being “stuck.” If gloomy or negative thoughts invade your mind, stay positive—and most importantly, don’t give up! Under this astrological weather, the more our desire grows, the harder it could be to express our passions and succeed. Being the Planet of Responsibility, Saturn helps us build something that will last the test of time. But with big rewards, come big efforts.

The truth is that the astrology of this week will test our perseverance, but it will also provide the creative terrain from where we can pull inspiration. The third planet Mercury will activate this week is Uranus, the Planet of Innovation. Happening on Saturday, October 13th, this clash between the two mental astrological archetypes could bring nervousness, setting our minds to race! This hectic pace could bring business or anxiety, but if we manage to turn off the noise and ground ourselves enough, exciting new ideas and major creative breakthroughs are available to us. Since this is an aspect of genius, this is when the Aha moment we’ve been waiting for could suddenly knock at our door. 






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