Weekly Astrology Forecast I October 17 - Venus Star Point: Attract Abundance Into Your Life

By: Narayana Montufar

Mantra: “I call in pleasure, I call in love, I call beauty and balance into my life.”

Get ready for some major fireworks! The third week of October is packed with celestial activity, as the universe instigates us to find balance and harmony. A total of three planets (Mercury, Venus, and the Sun) are in Libra, the Sign of the Scales. 

While some of the aspects these planets form will bring an intense energy that will ripple through the collective, they will also bring magnificent opportunities to rise above and overcome all challenges. On Sunday, October 22nd at 2:17 p.m. Pacific Time, we welcome the Venus Star Point, which is the meeting point of Venus with the Sun! This is the most beautiful manifestation of sacred geometry within astrology, as it points to the Sun-Venus cycle that forms a gorgeous pentagram in the shape of a flower in the sky above us. 

Venus is the Planet of Pleasure, Love, and Beauty—and as the Sun illuminates this archetype of Divine Feminine energy, all Venusian things like romance, social connections, and creativity get strongly reinvigorated. This is a major injection of energy, as it is happening in a sign that Venus naturally rules, Libra, bringing a gorgeous end to Libra season in 2022. While the areas of life mentioned above will be highlighted for everyone, other themes will be highlighted for each zodiac sign. Read your horoscope below—for your Sun as well as your rising—to get an actionable item on how to harness the magic of this beautiful influence!


Your Venus Star Point Horoscope

Aries: Show your affection to someone special by taking them on a special date. 

Taurus: Plan a fun outing with your colleagues or begin a new beauty routine. 

Gemini: Channel your creativity by writing a poem for someone special. 

Cancer: Purchase a beautiful new item for your home. 

Leo: Host a get-together for your neighbors or roommates. 

Virgo: Splurge on something luxurious that you’ve been wanting for a while.

Libra: Get a makeover or change something about your fashion style. 

Scorpio: Take long naps this week—and if possible, take Friday off for a spa day. 

Sagittarius: Get out there and socialize, but also network. 

Capricorn: Go to lunch or happy hour with key industry people. 

Aquarius: Sign up for a masterclass or learn something new. 

Pisces: Have cathartic, healing sex or practice Kundalini yoga. 





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