Scorpio Season | October 23rd - Embody the Phoenix Rising From the Ashes

By: Narayana Montufar



“I am a master attractor. What I most desire also wants to come to me.”

“Nothing can stop me from becoming the most powerful version of myself, I am the Phoenix.”

Welcome to one of the most transformative times of the year! Scorpio season begins as the mighty Sun begins illuminating this sign starting Sunday, October 23rd at 3:36 a.m. Pacific Time. For the next four weeks, themes around power, transformation, passion, and desire will permeate the waters of our subconscious minds.

Out of all the Zodiac signs, Scorpio is the most resilient, tasked with the unique job to transform humanity. Scorpio is the sign of darkness, mystery, and magic. As an archetype, it is The Cosmic Shaman who rides the ongoing waves of creation and destruction, only to come out stronger than ever before. 

Scorpio is ruled by the two most intense planets in the solar system, Mars and Pluto. From Mars, Scorpio gets its passion, immense strength, and survival instincts that strongly characterize it. From Pluto, Scorpio gets its charisma, magnetic aura, and ability to see below the surface. And regardless of if you sympathize with this archetype or not—know that you have been there before! In one way or another, we have all embodied this sign’s vibrational influence to overcome pain and trauma, and to rebuild and reinvent ourselves, again and again. 

In 2022, Scorpio season holds a special significance, as it will bring an end to the ongoing square between Saturn and Uranus. This epic and potent clash has been bringing an incredible amount of change in our lives at a structural level, collectively and personally, since the beginning of 2021! 

Over the next four weeks, these themes of change, liberation, and tension between the past and the future will be reawakened. This is especially true with the arrival of two powerful eclipses, which will manifest over the next three weeks. 

If you have a deep desire for change, but don’t even know how to begin approaching it, this Scorpio season was made for you! The even better news is that there is nothing for you to do other than deeply desiring it. Unlike every other astrological event, eclipses can’t really be harnessed—that’s how powerful they are! This Scorpio season, all you need to do is surrender to the flow of the universe, as it instigates The Phoenix within you to rise from the ashes! 



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