Weekly Astrology Forecast I October 24 - New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio: Surrender to Sexual Desires

By: Narayana Montufar

 Mantra: “When I express my deepest sexual desires, I awaken my inner goddess.”


We have arrived at one of the most important weeks of 2022. We are entering at what astrologers call Eclipse Season, which technically began when the Sun went into Scorpio on Sunday. Astronomically speaking, eclipses are alignments between the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, with the axis of the Moon, also known as the Lunar Nodes of Destiny. Astrologically speaking, eclipses are epic forces of karmic adjustments, and the tools the Universe uses to bring change into our lives. 

On Tuesday, October 25th at 3:49 a.m. Pacific Time, there is a New Moon Solar Eclipse. Bringing the power of three new moons in one, this cosmic event is bound to touch a very deep part of us. New Moons are new beginnings, and this one, in particular, will plant the seeds of something that will develop over the next six months or even more! 

As an archetype, Scorpio is the Sign of Sexual and Kundalini Energy as a source of creative power. This is not the type of sex you have on a one-night stand; it is the type of experience that merges two souls at a very deep and profound level. It’s important to also note that, to experience Scorpio’s connection to this type of energy, another person isn’t necessary. Scorpio approaches sexuality as a magnetic force emanating from our center, our Sacral Chakra, helping us attract that which we most desire. If you are thinking of the words “sex magic,” you are getting it right! 

More exciting news! This extra-powerful Solar Eclipse is happening right next to Venus, the legendary Goddess of Pleasure. Our sensual side is also reawakened now, having us crave meaningful and maybe intense experiences. While Venus’ influence is usually sweet, when Venus is in Scorpio, she is all about sexy, magnetic, and deliciously irresistible intimate encounters or experiences. 

So, if there was ever a time to surrender to the gifts and joys of pleasure as your birthright—that time is now! During the days surrounding the powerful New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio, attune to your sexual energy as your creative force. Know that your connection to sex and pleasure colors your ability to attract what you want in your life. As both, the Sun and Moon, illuminate the deepest corners of your psyche, sink into what pleases your deepest desires! 



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