Find Out How Mars Retrograde Will Affect Your Drive | October 28 - Zodiac Horoscope

By: Narayana Montufar 

Every two years, Mars, the Planet of Drive, goes retrograde, which greatly affects our energy level and the way we chase our goals. The retrograde of Mars, however, brings the perfect opportunity to re-examine the ways we approach our masculine energy, anger, ambition, and sexual desire. On Sunday, October 30th at 6:26 a.m., Mars will begin its nap, lasting until January 12 of 2023. During these ten weeks, we win when we embrace a slower pace of life, get more rest, and avoid communicating from a place of anger. 


Read your Sun as well as your rising sign for some practical guidance:


Aries: Communication will be challenging, teaching you to think before speaking. Try using influence rather than force and consider alternate ways of getting in touch. 

Taurus: It’s time to create a new budget that will work better for you in 2023. Your personal values will also go through a transformation.  

Gemini: The way you see yourself and how others see you will go through a revision. Take time to look inwardly to manifest change outwardly.

Cancer: You will need more time to rest than usual, for which you might have to cut the activities and people who, you notice, drain your energy. 

Leo: Your groups of friends or organizations you belong to will change, as you might find an inability to assert yourself with some of them. 

Virgo: If you encounter frustration in your career, it means it’s time to revisit your goals and reshape them for 2023. 

Libra: Release anger about the things “you never got to do” by planning a trip or an adventure that will change the way you see the world. 

Scorpio: If you have a serious partner, it’s time to make changes to your joint finances. If single, an ex from the past could reappear! 

Sagittarius: Your one-on-one relationships will go through a period of reinvention. The ones that survive power struggles and confrontations will become stronger.

Capricorn: Work projects will be moving in slow motion, when going with the flow is your best bet! This is a great time to take a vacation! 

Aquarius: Your creative process will positively transform if you allow yourself to make changes. Energy vampires could come back in the form of exes or previous sexual partners. 

Pisces: Previously repressed anger could come out with your family, roommates, and even neighbors. Communicating with honesty but also with compassion. 



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