Weekly Astrology Forecast I October 31 – Receive Guidance From Above With This Powerful Ritual

By: Narayana Montufar 

Mantra: “When I adjust my receptivity, I absorb powerful messages from my ancestral lineage.”

Every year, right in the middle of Scorpio season, the veil thins so we can connect with the other side. Like many cultures around the globe, we go back to our earlier years in a reminiscing mood as we recall all those who played an important role in our lives. 

Astrologically speaking, the alignments couldn’t be more perfect. A total of four planetary influences (Sun, Venus, and Mercury) reside in the skies of Scorpio, the Sign of Death, Rebirth, and Transformation. One of these influences is the South Node of the Moon, which relates to karma, past lives, and reincarnation. 

If you feel called to connect with the other side, the following ritual opens your channels of communication, while also bringing in a spirit of celebration. 


The Ritual

You will need two white candles, matches, a loaf of bread, a glass of wine, and pictures of your ancestors. 

Begin by setting up an altar with flowers from the season, pictures, and objects that remind you of some of your ancestors. Sit in from of the altar, turn the candles on and begin to meditate. Once your energy has settled, visualize your chakras connecting you to Mother Earth and the universe, with you being in the middle. 

Begin by calling the names of your ancestors one by one, talk to them as if they were in the room, telling them how much you’ve missed them. As you connect to each one of them, mention some of the things you most loved about them, and maybe even remember some anecdotes that you shared together. Take as long as you need and if you feel emotional, cry—let it all out! 

Once you feel connected to them, recite their following mantra: “While the veil is thin, I honor your life and celebrate your spirit. I cherish the times we spent together and purposely adjust my receptivity to absorb your loving guidance. Tell me, what do I need to know in my life so I can continue evolving? Please enjoy this bread and wine, as a token of my appreciation.” 

Leave the candle on for a couple of hours and once you’re ready to close the ritual, snuff it out. Pay attention to your dreams that night and write down all the symbols, colors, and signs you receive throughout the next day. They could contain powerful information. 



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