Weekly Astrology Forecast I October 2 - Master the Art of Relationships: Mars in Libra

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Welcome to one of the most electrifying months of 2023! Astrologically speaking, October is super powerful due to the return of eclipse season, the second one of 2023. And while the eclipses don’t arrive until October 14 and October 28, the themes we will be working with will begin to take place—so take note! 

Eclipses have a huge reach, defining the energetic themes of the entire year. Unlike back in May, cosmic guidance comes in a different form, as we’re being introduced to a new face. Libra — the zodiac sign of relationships, balance, and harmony — takes prominence over the next two weeks as a total of three planets (the Sun, Mercury, and Mars) activate it.   

This week, in preparation for the upcoming transformational eclipses, expect to run into situations that will ask you to channel your inner Libra. And that means, to show your most diplomatic, adaptable, and refined side. Keep in mind, it might not be the easiest thing of all, as now more than every other week, a lot of us will be wanting to get our way and may even want to push our agenda! This is especially true with the South Node of the Moon asking us to move away from this sign’s lover vibration.  

Below are some practical ways to work with this energy not only now but for the next three weeks!

  • When it comes to communication, read between the lines, as “encoded” information could help you decipher people’s true intentions. Clarity is power! 
  • Before offering to help or take on more extra work, stop to ask yourself if doing so is detrimental to you in any way. Compassion is a beautiful thing, but not if it’s going to get you involved in a three-week drama!
  • If you feel an insatiable need to be social, is it because you’re running away from seeing or fully integrating something? 
  • Libra is the sign of relationships, and the things we need to pay attention to now will most likely be mirrored by our partners, friends, and even bosses. Whenever noticing something less than positive about someone, ask yourself, do I do that? 
  • Cultivate patience by truly listening to what others are saying and putting yourself in their shoes. That will give you objectivity when making decisions.
  • Seek harmony by creating quiet time for yourself and exposing yourself to art, pleasure, nurturing self-care (like aura cleansing baths) and enjoyable experiences. Do you! 


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