Weekly Astrology Forecast I October 9 - Pluto Goes Direct: Your Rebirth Horoscope

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A deep transformation is ahead of us due to eclipse season, which comes accompanied by the awakening of one of the most profound planetary forces. Since May 1, Pluto — the Planet of Intensity and Rebirth — has been retrograde. We’ve been getting a relative break concerning radical change, but as Pluto wakes up from its nap, we’re being asked to return to our path of personal evolution. 

Since the beginning of 2023, Pluto has been wrapping up its fifteen-year journey in the sign of Capricorn. And from now until January 2024 as well as the fall of 2024, we will be doing the same. As above, so below! We are all wrapping up a theme that has been present in our lives since 2008! Below is what this meaningful energy of change and evolution means for your Rising sign: 

Aries: The tests you have experienced in your career have been intense, but have also paved the way for a successful tomorrow. 

Taurus: Look back and realize how much your entire belief system has changed—and guess what? This continues for a few more months!   

Gemini: Through intense experiences involving relationships and resources, you’ve come to get in touch with your power. You’re almost there! 

Cancer: Relationships have been your biggest teacher, illuminating paths of healing and reinvention. Stay the course and keep listening.  

Leo: Attaining balance in your day-to-day life has been difficult, but the progress made will be long-term. Keep listening to your body.  

Virgo: You’ve learned, perhaps the hard way, that a life without fun and passion is not worth living. Keep chasing that joy! 

Libra: Exploring your family and ancestral dynamics has been helping you release the past and begin creating your own heaven on earth.   

Scorpio: You’ve greatly transformed the way you communicate, so keep learning ways to express yourself that don’t sabotage your efforts.  

Sagittarius: Changing your relationship with money, value, and material possessions hasn’t been easy — but has meant taking control of your life!  

Capricorn: You’re wrapping up a period of coming into your own power, which involved radical change in every aspect of your life! 

Aquarius: You’re at the tail end of fifteen years of psychological and spiritual work, and you now continue to release negative pre-conceived patterns. 

Pisces: The changes within your professional collaborations and social circle have been dramatic, but luckily, you’re being left with better and more profound connections. 


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