Astrology Forecast for House of Intuition l July 5th to July 11th

By Narayana Montúfar


Self-love & Cleansing: While last week’s focus was on the planet Mars and its outwardly energetic imprint, the week ahead takes on an inner journey. Venus, the planet of love, is this week’s main player. And while this switch from masculine to feminine energy would normally be easier to handle, there might be some bumps along the road.


Venus is in the hot seat and scheduled to have two clashes, first with Saturn (Tuesday) and then with Uranus (Thursday). Venus has a big job in astrology, ruling over love, self-worth, social interactions, and the way we experience joy. So when the goddess of pleasure finds herself challenged, it’s harder for us to attune to her vibration. For this reason, we might experience some blocks and surprises not only in love—but in relationships in general.


At a deeper level, challenging Venus transits bring our attention to the ways in which we haven’t honored ourselves and our values when interacting with others. So, if challenges within relationships come up, it will be extremely helpful to take them as opportunities to re-route our approach to these bonds. In the end, Venus wants to help us feel seen and loved. Practicing self-love is this week’s spiritual motto as a way of honoring our deepest needs. 

Since Venus is currently in Leo, playing dress-up, pampering ourselves, and treating ourselves to new clothes and items are a great way of practicing self-love and self-care. Venus in Leo is flashy AF—and a great way of attuning to her energy is by putting ourselves first and being the star of our own show!


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