By Narayana Montúfar

As the week progresses, the introspective vibes deepen as we welcome this month’s New Moon, which happens on Friday, July 9th at 6:17 p.m. Pacific Time. Happening in Cancer, a sign that opts for solitude as a form of self-protection, this lunation’s energy seconds the need to retreat and restore. Taking baths and spending time near the water always has a restoring effect—but during this week, it can be especially healing.

Having a New Moon happening in the nurturing sign representative of the mother gifts us the opportunity to give birth to something new. During our New Moon intentions and rituals, we can picture ourselves watering our most cherished dreams and wishes. But before any new beginning, comes an ending, and this is what this lunation is all about. This Cancer New Moon brings the need to clear out space in order to make room for these dreams to manifest. 

Pluto, the planet of renewal, rebirth, and transformation, is a major player in this lunation. Cleansing, clearing space, and saying goodbye to anything that feels outdated is key for a new version of ourselves to be born again. During the days surrounding this New Moon, smudging old energy away, clearing out physical space, and even cleansing our bodies brings the purifying effect the cosmos is requesting from us this week.

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