Weekly Astrology Forecast for House of Intuition l July 12th to July 18th 

By Narayana Montúfar

Creativity & Drawing Love: It’s here! A time of major manifestation power is in store for us. Following the new moon in Cancer, we head into a week full of astrological aspects that support the birth of something new. As the Moon grows in light during the days ahead, so does our optimism and hope for a brighter future. 

Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, will be sending positive beams our way in the form of new ideas, messages, and deeply emotional realizations. Let your mind wander by focusing on best-possible scenarios and allowing yourself to see the big picture. Neptune, the planet of dreams, fantasy, and glamour will still be active this week. Whenever Jupiter and Neptune join forces the way they do now, they encourage us to get creative, think big, and reach for the stars!  

But hold on—there’s more! The stars of this week’s show are Venus and Mars. For the past two weeks, the cosmos has encouraged us to work with both planets by balancing our inner yin-yang energy. And on Tuesday, they merge in the playful skies of fire sign Leo! This legendary union of the cosmic lovers is a big deal, as it only happens once every two years. Together, they set the tone for the way we approach creativity as well as our overall interactions. 

The last time these two planets met was in August of 2019 in Virgo, a sign that does not gel that well with either of them. As they meet in Leo on Tuesday, July 13th, they will kick off a completely new cycle that will unleash the Lion that exists within us. As one of the warmest, most generous, and playful signs, Leo does not hold back when it comes to love and romance. Leo goes for the kill—and it rarely fails at attracting what it wants. 

Love and romance get a boost, which is good news for those who would like to manifest a new relationship. This is good news for those who are also partnered, as this Venus-Mars conjunction can be used to bring a more vivid energy to an existing partnership. And since Venus and Mars represent are the archetypes of the feminine and masculine, this merging is also an injection of energy to our creativity. 

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