Weekly Astrology Forecast | MARCH 8

This week, we are entering the middle of Pisces Season, the last Zodiac season before beginning anew with the Spring Equinox. At the end of the week we have the Sun and Moon joining Neptune, the planet of dreams, illusion, fantasy, and spirituality. Emotions and intuitions run high as you start to access new parts of yourself that you never have before. You are a spirit living in a human experience. This Pisces season is the ultimate reminder that above all else, your soul is what truly shines through.

With Mars that has just entered Gemini, the connection between kindred souls is on the rise. People are getting back into their ability to multitask and find the fun even in serious moments. This transit encourages you to interact with your world of imagination by merely doing what you want to do. The interactions you begin to have with put you in the position to connect to members of your soul tribe if you so choose to communicate how you feel.

This week is a lead-up into the most magical New Moon of the year, the New Moon in Pisces on the 13th. This moon phase is one of the most potent lunations to manifest your dreams, especially with the luminaries joining Neptune. Neptune is known as the great dissolver; it makes you let go of all things that don't support the workings of your spirit. Be aware that you lead towards your dreams with love in your heart and not out of fear. The more unconditional love you show, the better your ability to manifest will be under this.

The Sun first joins Neptune on the 10th. Are you ready to allow your persona to take on a higher purpose? Are you prepared to go with the flow which wants to lead you to your greatest desires? Are you willing to take the leap into the unknown to emerge with the greatest treasures you can find? This week will test your ability to let go and let be.

Allow yourself to be, and the flow of the universe will send you in the right direction. Remember to breathe and know the universe always has a plan for you.





We will be exploring the different aspects and how they work: conjunctions, trines, squares, oppositions, and more! These relationships are relevant within the birth chart as well as in reading and interpreting transits.



New Moons are times for going within and exploring our potential for creation through healing and renewal. This workshop will prepare you for upcoming themes and invitations centered around the energy of Pisces.

Join us for our Astrology Saturdays: Weekly Astrology Reports hosted by Chad on our Instagram Lives at 11AM PST

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