Astrology Forecast for House of Intuition: September 27th to October 3rd

By Narayana Montúfar

Drawing in Love & Romance:  Mercury is now Retrograde, so make sure to read our blog about its last Retrograde of the year, which will last for the next three weeks.

Aside from the classic communication adjustments and miscommunications, the week ahead does provide the perfect terrain for drawing in romance and cultivating self-love. During the next few days, Venus in Scorpio will be forming three positive and powerful astrological aspects with other planets. 

Let’s first talk about how Venus behaves in this zodiac sign. Scorpio is also ruled by Mars and Pluto, two of the most intense planets in the sky. For this reason, the goddess of love struggles a bit here. On the plus side, Venus is at her sultriest in Scorpio. She is oh, so sexy, daring, and absolutely unapologetic about her deep need to merge at a soul level.

As you can see, Venus in Scorpio becomes that femme fatale who knows what she wants—and she wants it now! So, if you’re feeling the intensity in your sexual and romantic interactions, you’re channeling the energy of this planet-sign combo. And the more awareness you create around this will allow you to have fun with it. After all, Venus will be in Scorpio until October 7th.

The good news is that on Wednesday, Venus positively reaches out to Neptune in Pisces. This connection is literally what dreams are made of. Neptune is the planet of romance and vision, and it will encourage us to fantasize about our ideal lover or the perfect partner. If we are already partnered, this is the perfect astrological weather to plan a hot date or even just relax together.

To close the month on a strong note, Venus then connects with Jupiter, on Thursday, September 30th. This exciting link between the planet of love and the planet of abundance will magnify our desire to deeply bond and share our energy with someone special. 

The volume gets turned up a notch on Saturday, when Venus then links to powerful Pluto, the planet of sex, power, and the occult. Passions will run high and whirlwind, breath-taking experiences will be the norm. It’s definitely a time to enjoy the intensity and the desire to experiment.

Drawing love and sexual energy is possible now, but keep in mind that the kinds of experiences awakened under this astro-weather are not for the faint of heart.

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