Which Crystal Body Polish To Use For The New Moon in Taurus!

As we bask in today’s lunar shift, when the New Moon enters Taurus, we can’t help but reach for our new Crystal Body Polish in Jade. Here, we’ll explore why this blend is perfect for Taurus energy, and how you can still incorporate this ritual into your self-care routine, even if you don’t already own one yet.

First of all, we can’t preach enough about how supportive Taurus energy is at this time in regards to building, strengthening, enduring, and putting the hard work into any passion project you currently have brewing in the ether. Combine that with the incredible power the New Moon offers us by sinking in and manifesting from within the most sacred parts of ourselves, and you’ve just found yourself in the eye of the perfect storm for getting shit done. For real though: If you need to work on something that means a lot to you, start doing it now.


Essential oils have a myriad of impressive benefits (and far too many to begin to list here), but they’re also incredibly easy to use during potent lunar cycles. We’re especially fond of the blend we formulated for our Crystal Body Polish in Jade, since it works with a trio of essential oils that are perfect for embodying this grounding spirit: Basil, Frankincense, and Patchouli. If you already picked one up, we recommend using it tonight during your shower and/or bath self-care ritual by working directly with the Hierophant card, which is of course ruled by Taurus.


Without getting too in-depth to the wonder of the Hierophant card, I’ll just say this (and feel free to disagree): I personally see the Hierophant as working with two sides of yourself, the light and the dark. I see the two people kneeling before the Hierophant as my receiving side and giving side, and whenever I pull this card, I like to place myself in the Hierophant’s chair and look closely at both sides of myself and evaluate where exactly I need to receive and where I need to give, from the view of the wisest part of myself. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, either. The Hierophant is a strong archetype to channel, and the work done with this card is a deep dive into the self, and often into places we don’t normally allow ourselves to visit. It can be a really emotional, and sometimes heavy journey to embark on, but I’ve always found myself aging in sacred wisdom whenever I go through it. And if you’re interested in tarot, a simple spread you can do tonight is to place the Hierophant card directly in front of you, meditate, and then pull two cards, placing them on either side of the card, and reflecting on what medicine your giving and receiving sides need.



This spread can also directly translate into your New Moon shower and/or bath lunar ritual as well: Begin by taking a small handful of the Crystal Body Polish in Jade and start to gently and lovingly exfoliate the right side of your body. Ask yourself what areas you need to give from, what you need to give, and how you can give. Then, start to lightly scrub over your left side, but this time, ask yourself what areas are needed for you to receive, what you need to receive, and how you will allow yourself to receive. Don’t think about it too much, just let yourself pick up on intuitive hits or messages you’re receiving from your guides. While you’re energetically working on each side, take a moment to set an intention for both sides, respectfully. Hold yourself accountable to this intention and check back in with it in the next few days.


Now, if you haven’t yet picked up our Crystal Body Polish in Jade, you can of course still do this ritual using another bathsafe exfoliator or any body wash you’re currently using. But if you want to really harness the power of this essential oil formula, you can put a few drops of Frankincense, Basil, and Patchouli into bath water, or a few drops directly onto your shower floor since the steam will activate the scent and diffuse the oils. You can also diffuse these oils normally in any at-home diffuser, as well.

And that’s it! Keep things simple, straightforward, and efficient (just like a Taurus would!) and maximize today’s New Moon magic by getting to work...now!



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