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Palo Santo Pyramid Incense

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For centuries, taking flame to ignite and release scented cleansing smoke has been an integral part of aromatherapy, meditation, and ceremoniously carrying wishes to the heavens. Our Pyramid Incense are lovingly made by hand and use only sustainably harvested fragrant Palo Santo Wood Powder.

Sustainably Harvested Palo Santo Wood Powder, Natural Tree Resins to maintain texture and shape.The kit holds three Palo Santo pyramids.

How to Use:

To clear a space of previous energies, place your incense pyramid on a heat proof surface or plate.
Ignite the tip of the pyramid with flame.
Once the tip is lit, leave it aflame for 5-15 seconds.
Blow out the flame after 5-15 seconds.
Leave on the plate as it burns like incense.
Let the fragrant smoke wisps dissipate and purify your space.
(Note - These pyramid incense tend to burn with a lot of smoke so you can snuff them out after your desired level of fragrance is reached).
Safely keep away from children, pets and flammable objects.

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