Palo Santo Stick Palo Santo House of Intuition
Palo Santo Stick Palo Santo House of Intuition 1 dozen
Palo Santo Stick Palo Santo House of Intuition

Palo Santo Stick

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Palo Santo has been used through ancient and modern times for spiritual cleansing and purifying. Burn our sustainable Palo Santo to clear any negative energies, unwanted spirits, or to refresh your energy anytime of day. After you burn Sage, it is usually recommended to burn incense or another smudge to set a positive intention. Palo Santo has been programmed with positive intentions thanks to the shamans who bless them in the harvesting process, but it is good to set your own intention as well or just give thanks. Used widely by shamans, healers, and mystics this "holy wood" brings in peace, harmony, luck, protective and energies. More info

Palo Santo sticks can be chipped into smaller chunks and placed into your Abalone Ritual Shell, or you can just light the end of the stick and allow it to burn out itself.

Contains one stick, unless you select otherwise.

How to Use: 

  1. Light the tip of the Palo Santo Stick until it catches aflame 
  2. Allow the Palo Santo Stick to stay aflame for 5-30 seconds
  3. Blow out the flame once 5-30 seconds has passed so you’re left with just the embers and smoke
  4. Starting from the back of your space and with windows open, walk through your space and with your free hand, feather, or fan, move the smoke coming from the Palo Santo Stick (Alternatively you can also place your Palo Santo Stick onto a heat proof receptacle lined with salt to catch the ash instead of holding the Palo Santo Stick)
  5. Bear in mind, the Palo Santo Stick may stop smoking over time so relight as needed (Note: Burning a fresh stick will catch faster, burning a charred tip will take a little longer)
  6. Once you have walk through and smoked your space to your satisfaction, place the Palo Santo Stick onto a heatproof receptacle, if you haven't done so already, to allow it to naturally go out on its own or snuff it out in salt
  7. We recommend cleansing your space with the Palo Santo Stick every so often or as needed, depending on your needs and desire

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