Creativity Crystal Set Crystal Set Crystals
Creativity Crystal Set Crystal Set Crystals
Creativity Crystal Set Crystal Set Crystals
Creativity Crystal Set Crystal Set Crystals

Creativity Crystal Set

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This high vibration crystal set is ideal for those working on manifesting intentions surrounding:


Each set includes 6 intuitively chosen crystals, hand-picked and curated into a magical combination to magnify their individual energies and align you with their specific vibrations. Bundled together in our signature HOI Pouch, these crystals were knowledgeably selected to complement one another and to help you powerfully draw in that which you seek.

Use them in a crystal grid, place them on your altar or work with them individually. Take a moment to ground yourself, quiet your mind, and allow them to tell you the best way to work with their energy. Trust that the guidance these stones bring - and the universe around you - will shine a light on the pathway towards your goals.

Bird's Eye Rhyolite

Bird's Eye Rhyolite is a stone of insight. It allows you to view the world and your purpose within it from an elevated perspective of Divine Guidance and interconnectedness. It may help you to view the roads towards your pursuits more clearly, allowing you to be guided by your own driving force and not held back by the expectations of others. Bird's Eye Rhyolite does not just help you to tap into the deep well of potential within you, but helps you to manifest the dreams that are created there. 


Carnelian helps one call upon the courage and vitality that already exists within. A wonderful stone for those looking to light a spark of creativity and can also help one to truly express themselves. If you're working on a project associated with the arts, Carnelian can help ignite the creative process, allowing you to express yourself through your work. Carnelian is the flame that burns within all of us, constantly guiding us towards our highest self even through times of stress and doubt.


The warm light of this stone carries the vibrations limitless expansion. Encouraging you to strive for beyond what you thought was possible, Sunstone instills the idea that when our passions and drive connect, there are endless possibilities to our growth and happiness. Associated with both independence and abundance, Sunstone wants us to use what unique about us to chase after the things we desire.

Picasso Jasper

Calming and grounding Picasso Jasper inspires self-discipline. We cannot create and manifest if we do not encourage ourselves to put in the hard work to improve our craft. Named for the artist, the stone itself resembles a painting, so it makes sense that it would help tap into our own artistic talents. If you're experiencing creative blocks, Picasso Jasper helps dissolve them, all while giving you the perseverance to see your projects through.


If you have your eyes set on great ambitions, this stone is the perfect companion for the journey towards them. Goldstone is the driving force behind our biggest goals, balancing the creative energy we need by keeping our eyes focused towards the sky. The tiny golden flecks found in Goldstone are actually copper, which works as a conductor, amplifying the creative energy you already have.


Selenite is both multifaceted and extremely adaptable. Its unique vibration has the potential to resonate with many different types of people for a multitude of different purposes. Selenite is extremely effective in removing negativity or energy blocks from your other crystals. Similarly, one can use a Selenite wand to cleanse chakra blockages from their own energy centers. Since it is self-cleansing it retains no negative energy that it may have absorbed and instead transmutes it into a positive vibration. Selenite makes a wonderful stone to have in the home by cleansing negative energy from a space and inviting in protective Divine light.

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