Protection Magic Candle Candle -Magic V95
Protection Magic Candle Candle -Magic V95
Protection Magic Candle Candle -Magic V95
Protection Magic Candle Candle -Magic V95

Protection Magic Candle

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Protection: Shield your energy.

This candle serves as a potent tool in shielding both your material and spiritual realms. Candle magic has been used for centuries, when you focus energy through the candles you will attract that same energy into your life. Harness the transformative power of positivity by emitting waves of affirmative energy while envisioning a shield of protection around you. Whether you seek defense against negative influences, harmful energies, or simply wish to fortify your space, our Protection Magic Candle stands as your unwavering guardian.

How To Use
Once you light the candle, you should focus all of your energy into visualizing what it is you want. For example, if it’s increase of finances, picture money flowing into your life, or your bank account growing. Just use active visualization and concentration. The Abundance candle can also help you see the abundance in your life instead of scarcity.

This candle has been programmed with intentions, magic.

Candles are lightly scented and dressed with crystals inside. Handmade in Los Angeles, CA with 100% all natural and sustainable palm wax.

The new design also has locally produced recyclable glass. 🇺🇸

When the candle is done, you’ll find a stone inside that will be supercharged with your intention. Dig out your crystal if needed. Keep it on your altar or carry it with you as a totem reminding you of your spell. Stones vary in each candle and are put in the candle intuitively, what you get is what the universe wants you to have!
Please note: Dressing the candle or moving it may disturb the wax and wick. For maximum magical results, do not blow the candle out - SNUFF IT OUT. For safety be careful when handling candle while burning, the glass can be hot to the touch. Keep away from reach of children and pets.

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