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The Queen Mother Gift Box (Mother's Day Box)

Show the one who brought you into this world how thankful you are for her love, with our special Mother’s Day box.

We pulled together some favorite HOI delights to help your mama fill her cup, so she can keep spilling the love out like she does so well.

The Mother’s Day Box includes The Moon Arcana Mystics Spray, Mermaid Tea Bath, a You Are Loved Magic candle and more to help her nurture herself and soak up some much needed relaxation. 💆‍♀️

This box has been carefully curated to show you some love and nurturing as thanks for all you do.

Suggested ritual:

Start by lighting your Organic Sage + Wildflower smudge to cleanse and clear your space and remove negative vibrations. Waft it around you gently to clear your energy, and you can leave it to burn out safely in your abalone shell with some sea salt inside.

Once the energy has lifted, it’s time to light the You Are Loved Magic Candle to open you up to all the love that surrounds you in your life. You generously give so much- it’s time to let yourself receive!

Enjoy the Mermaid Tea Bath and its rejuvenating mix of minerals and herbs to delight your skin. Pour yourself a bath, a foot soak, or even sprinkle some on the floor while you shower.

The Moon Arcana Mystics Spray is perfect after cleansing, to refresh and calm both your skin and psyche, with soothing organic ingredients and crystal energy that promote serenity and balance.

And your Rose Quartz bracelet is a heart expander and healer, to bring loving energy into the forefront of your awareness whenever you need it.

You are so loved! This box is available for a very limited time.



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