Dear Cancer - An Insight Into Yourself

Dear Cancer,

As a watery sign, you are both emotionally resilient and sensitive, a gift that teaches others to open their hearts wide without shame or resistance. You are ruled by the intuitive glow of the moon, giving you the ability to change with the tides. You listen to your feelings and are learning to balance their messages with those that come from your more responsible, grounded side. Still, your intuition speaks to you through your feelings, and this is how you sense who and what is genuine and safe for you. When you honor your emotional nature and your need to rejuvenate your heart, you give others permission to do the same. You are creative, caring, and thoughtful. You are here to help us feel our feelings, to respect and heal within our families and chosen families, and to show us how to love without expectation. You remind us of the sweetness and simplicity of life, and we love you all the more for it.

Your special day of the week is Monday, so cultivate a sacred ritual to celebrate yourself every week!

May Cancer season bring you courage for healthy change and wellbeing.

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