Weekly Astrology Forecast for 6/21

We open the week with a new moon in Cancer and a solar eclipse provoking us to take actions that support how we want to feel. The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius two weeks ago fired up our internalized beliefs and asked us to release outdated thinking and belief systems that control and restrict us rather than free us. The solar eclipse brings outward manifestations of the internal shifts we felt by creating waves in our environment, our relationships, and with our actions. The new moon invites us to support our mental and emotional health and the boundaries that keep us well. We may find outdated boundaries that do more harm than good, and we have an opportunity to adjust ourselves to accommodate others in a more caring and empathetic way. We can begin to make adjustments to our homes or homeland that increase and strengthen our sense of safety and wellbeing, but with Mercury retrograde in Cancer, some of us need to slow down and reflect before speaking out or moving too quickly. Neptune begins its retrograde journey until November 29th, which reveals another side to our idealism--disillusionment. Over the course of Neptune’s retrograde cycle, we want to balance our sense of spiritual and compassionate ideals with the reality of how we’ve used avoidance and dishonesty to fantasize about life. Where have our boundaries been blurry and where have we been self-sacrificing due to the pain of guilt or addictions--even subtle or seemingly helpful ones? Finally, Venus goes direct in Gemini this week! We’ve learned a lot about communicating our feelings and some of us even saw or felt the relationship or self-love energy we want to continue in our lives. If we were able to use the Venus retrograde energy at its highest vibration, we were also able to release situations and people that have held us back from truly loving ourselves and from connecting to our true value. As Mercury is still retrograde, let’s find patience as we continue to upgrade our thoughts and words when it comes to themes of truth and love. May we practice meditating and researching before speaking and learning to listen to others above all else.

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