Dear Capricorn - An Insight Into Yourself

(December 22 - January 19)

Dear Capricorn, 

When you give yourself the time to allow relaxation, you’re at your best and most optimal. We live in a world that demands your success, and you always step up to the place.

But not everything has to strictly be business, there’s an opportunity to work better once you allow a sense of leisure into your life. No, taking a moment to yourself isn’t lazy. Every car has to stop to refuel after a certain amount of miles is traveled.

Refuel yourself by remembering what it is that makes you happy. To be in control you have to control your inner self, which best reacts when you’re at a state of peace. So be at peace and let the chips fall where they may. Allow yourself to recharge before you take on the world.

Hoping that this Capricorn Season gives you some alleviation after Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn all moved through your sign last year. You’ve come into so much strength and responsibility.

Allow yourself to be proud of your progress and take this time to rest in order to set your goals for this year and surmount every one of them like we all know you can.

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