Weekly Astrology Forecast for 12/26

It is an excellent time to review all of what you’ve gone through with 2020 this week. It may be bittersweet. There have been so many changes for all of us on a collective scale. This week is a week of releasing everything that has burdened you from the world before.

This Tuesday features the most powerful Full Moon of the entire year besides the two eclipses we just had. Our destinies have all been shifting for our higher purpose. This week is an excellent time to release the emotions that have never served you—this Full Moon, in its home sign of Cancer. Cancer is the water sign all about the intuition and harnessing emotions held within. With this release, we are ending off the year with a fresh slate.

With your newfound fresh slate, what are you going to bring into your brand new 2021? These themes will begin to reveal themselves to you. Embrace the new beginning that’s coming into view. It’s as beautiful as it seems!




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