The Winter Solstice & The Great Conjunction (12/21)

The Winter Solstice has been a time recognized across many cultures that marked the death and rebirth of the Sun. December 21st marks the longest night of the entire year; it is the bridge to new life and renewal that has light into the world for thousands of years. Due to its importance, there are many holidays based on the Solstice, the most famous of them being Saturnalia. This holiday is what we know as modern-day Christmas. Another holiday is Yule, which was the celebration of Moon energy; it claims the Moon would give birth to the Sun every year this occurs.

Every Winter Solstice, there is subtle bubbling energy buzzing around. This energy adds magic moving forward as the Sun begins to rise again and the days become longer as we approach the spring. This year, however, something grand, auspicious, and powerful happening on the day of this Great Conjunction - complete and udder transformation as to how we will approach the next 200 years as humanity.

Why is this?

The two monolith planets in our solar system are Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter is known as the planet of expansion, abundance, and experience. In contrast, Saturn, known as the planet of restriction, lessons, and control. These planets host energy as a yin and yang to one another. Both planets' influences allow us to keep the balance. So what's so special about these two planets joining as they shift into the sign of Aquarius?

For the past 200 years, every time these two planets met in conjunction, it was in an Earth Sign; now, it's shifting into a cycle where it will start to only be in Air signs. For the next 20 years, this Great Conjunction will show how we communicate, relate, and commerce with everyone we meet and run across. There is a segway into a brand new world approaching this day and a great deal of magic combined with Winter Solstice energy - happening also on the very same day. It is not energy advised to be missed!

If you want to know more, our in-house astrologer and teacher Chad will be teaching a class on the day of the Great Conjunction showing you the event's astrology. You'll learn how it will impact the collective and what you can powerfully do to use this 20-year cycle energy based on your Zodiac sign.

It will be on 12/21 at 6PM EST via Zoom. The link for this event is provided below.

Happy Solstice to all! 



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