Weekly Astrology Forecast for 12/19

There is so much change afoot for this upcoming week. Changes that will bring an impact to the way we live our lives for a very long time. We have had Saturn, the planet of restrictions, make its shift into Aquarius last Wednesday, and now Jupiter - the planet of expansion - is joining together on December 21st. We call this incredible Cosmic Event: The Great Conjunction.

This December 21st week is essential for magic practitioners to everyday people alike. It is the week of the “rebirth of the sun” as we have the darkest night before we head into the part of the year where the Sun slowly begins to become prominent once again. This cycle is essential every year, but this year in particular, we have Saturn and Jupiter shifting into Aquarius simultaneously, bringing a new frame of energy that is giving you the power to redefine your life and how you want to live it.

This week is about accepting the changes that this year of 2020 has brought us and makes us look onward into the possibility for the next parts of our future. It is a beautiful week ahead of holiday gratitude and magic floating in the air, just ready to be utilized for those seeking it. Make the most of the energy!




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