Dear Gemini - An Insight Into Your Self

Dear Gemini,

Ruled by the element of air and the realm of the intellect, you are intelligent and quick-witted. Your ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of travel, communication and thinking, causing your mind to be in constant motion. While you might have trouble staying focused on any one thing for too long, your curiosity keeps you learning and investigating the truth, and you share with the rest of the world whatever you find. You’re natural teachers and reporters of information, and it’s your strong ability to converse and communicate that draws in others to listen and learn from you. You’re playful at times, but can quickly become serious because your moods and desires can change, allowing you to keep others around you on their toes. Your purpose in this lifetime is to shed light on the truth, ultimately showing the world how to hold space for duality like hope and reality or spirituality and humanity. 

Your special day of the week is Wednesday, so cultivate a sacred ritual to celebrate yourself every week!

May Gemini season bring you inspiration and truth 

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