Weekly Astrological Forecast for 5/25

We enter a week of surprises when it comes to feelings, and we’re sure to have a lot of them! Because Venus went retrograde on May 13th, it can be challenging to know what feelings to follow and which ones are fleeting. Venus, the planet of love and relationships, is giving us time to reflect on relationship wounds from the past and inviting us to understand our value and self-worth. This is a sensitive week for our hearts, and we’ll want a little extra self-care to ensure that we’re seeing ourselves and each other clearly. It’s a great time to share your heartfelt feelings for someone you care about if you feel it’s safe to do so, and if you’ve been considering making a big move, let yourself daydream about it because by the end of the week, the moon moves into Earthy and pragmatic Virgo when you can begin to create blueprints.

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