Weekly Astrological Forecast for 5/18

This week brings in opportunities to balance and ground ourselves as we experience conflicts or confusion between the mind and the heart. We begin with a burst of positive energy coming from a trine between Jupiter and the Sun, bringing hope, expansion, opportunities and sometimes gifts or happy surprises. As the week progresses, the sun enters Gemini officially kicking off Gemini season 2020, a time of year that will bring powerful shifts, insights and healing. We can expect to feel our minds, our thoughts and communication pick up the pace as we become more social and inquisitive about love and money. We have a strong inclination to share our intimate feelings with someone (or several someones) we deem special, and to investigate our sense of worthiness in connection to self and others. Take the time to review your accomplishments and share with others what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown. By the end of the week, we can start to question the intensity and truth of our feelings, which is when we have the opportunity to practice surrendering ourselves to our higher powers. If we’re not meant to know or understand something, it’s not time yet. Just trust the process.

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