Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Astrology for 2/11

The theme for this week is positive action! This is a very positive week and astrologically, we are stepping into a great couple of months! We are expecting your talents to come out and shine with this Leo full moon on Saturday February 11th. On top of that, when the sun and moon oppose each other in an eclipse we can expect a turning point in our relationship sector. You will be able to see your relationships clearly and your instincts will be working. This lunar eclipse is followed by a solar eclipse on the new moon February 26 meaning we will see changes this month. Eclipse season always brings changes! Please don’t be reactive on this full moon, notice if you are feeling restricted and wanting to act out. Be calm, know that the energy is heightened. Many times people that are not aware there is a full moon feel the pressure of it and the tension that has been building up in them brings about major life changes.

This week you’ll feel like socializing, reviving relationships and meeting new people. It’s like a cosmic dance party hitting our magnetosphere. Although energy will be high, expect stimulating and pleasant surprises. You may find yourself finally able to make a big decision with this full moon eclipse which can be related to your career or relationships. We may be acutely aware of a place that is lacking in our lives such as needed to make an adjustment and finally hear our own wants and needs that have been brewing beneath the surface.

The full light of the moon brings awareness and truth to the surface that our psyche may not have been aware of. This could mean you realize things about your own strengths and goals that were hidden to yourself. You may be able to find a balance between being there for the world and for yourself. We can harmonize our life with this energy and we can express our needs easier with this full moon. Now we will see the flaws in our own use of time and make positive decisions.

A full moon is a time of culmination and release. Things happen that we have been working towards so get ready for things to charge full speed ahead. Leo is also a fire element sign which can help you burn away fears of stepping into your opulence and power. We just started the new Chinese year in the sign of the Fire Rooster as well so this month has extra fire. The power of the sun at the end of the month with the solar eclipse is going to push us into the direction we have so carefully been carving out in our vision.

There are three very special patterns in the sky for this lunar eclipse. There is a five pointed star, a pyramid and a rectangle meaning magic, high energy and lots of tension so expect a lot of activity around this full moon. There are quite a few harmonious aspects and you may not see the tension beneath the surface that people are feeling. My best advice is, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. We have a special full moon lunar eclipse candle for your favorite full moon ritual available here!

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