January Blog #2: Expect Nice Surprises as Uranus Goes Direct

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Get excited! As you charge ahead on your New Year’s resolutions, the only retrograde planet in the sky goes direct. Translated: Nothing can stop you now! Uranus - the Planet of Genius - goes direct after being retrograde since August 28. Since nice surprises are in store now, it helps to repeat the following mantra in your rituals and meditations: “I open my eyes and mind to the splendor of synchronicity.” Below is what Uranus going direct might mean for your rising sign. 

Aries: A windfall could arrive in the form of an unexpected raise, payment, or gift arriving unexpectedly. If you own your business, it’s to raise prices!  

Taurus: You might dye your hair purple or add an electric color to your wardrobe, changing your looks to align with the fun person you are becoming!  

Gemini: You’re in for a huge awakening moment in the form of a spiritual insight! An old fear could also dissolve, liberating you from pain or stress. 

Cancer: You could be graced with a social favor from a friend, an acquaintance, a mentor, or a former colleague. Open yourself to be loved!  

Leo: A new position could be offered to you, and the best news is that you can negotiate salary, benefits, or the freedom to work from home!  

Virgo: A spiritual awakening could be in store for you as you realize the truth behind an important subject or story. It’s time to open your mind!  

Libra: A situation regarding taxes, money, or a loan could suddenly be resolved. If you have a partner, you might decide to experiment in the bedroom. 

Scorpio: Someone special could propose to you and become your romantic or business partner. Alternatively, you could begin working with a coach, healer, or mentor.  

Sagittarius: A big breakthrough arrives now, allowing you to find the solution to a puzzling situation. It’s a good time to implement new tools in your work processes. 

Capricorn: This is a time to get artistic and creative! Set some time aside to open yourself to genius energy as you download creative and innovative ideas.  

Aquarius: A tense situation with a roommate, neighbor, or family member could reach its end. You could also have an aha moment regarding childhood and even a past life. 

Pisces: Good news in the form of opportunities to express yourself arrive now. Break out of your shell, share what’s on your mind, and scream your opinions to the world! 


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