March Blog #2: Dissolve Your Fear With this New Moon in Pisces Ritual

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We’ve come to the end of a powerful journey. This weekend, we will experience the last lunar event of the Astrological Year. While the calendar year ended on December 31st, in astrology, that day is actually March 18th, as the day after, we welcome the Spring Equinox 2024. For astrologers, pagans, and witches, this is the actual beginning of the year, the exact day that sees the Sun’s entrance into the sign of Aries. Since New Moons are the very beginning of a four-week lunar cycle, this means that this week’s New Moon in Pisces will accompany us into the new season (Spring), as well as the first eclipse season of 2024! 

Arriving on Sunday, March 10th at 1:00 a.m., the New Moon in Pisces activates the powers of Neptune, the Planet of Magic and Fantasy. Very few of us will be able to escape this lunation’s hypnotizing effects - after all, Neptune is known for having that power on our psyche. This means that not everything that seems real is, meaning that we should practice discernment in our communication as well as our actions. On the more magical side, the watery and absorbent nature of this lunation is ideal for seeking the dissolution of what we no longer wish to exist. If you hold any fears, illusions, or resentments, offer them into the abyss with the ritual below. 

New Moon in Pisces Ritual 

You will need either purple or pink flowers, an image of Neptune (or Poseidon), and a source of water: a river, pond, lake, or bowl of water. 

Once you have found the right setting for your ritual, create a sacred space by forming a circle with your flowers and walking around it in a clockwise or circular motion. As you do this, imagine a protective blue bubble cleansing your energy, washing away any negative influences. Next, sit in the middle of the circle and begin taking a few cleansing and deep breaths. 

Grab the image of Neptune in your hands while repeating the following mantra: “Neptune, Water God, I offer you the fears and illusions that no longer serve me. I pray you take them away and dissolve them before the new astrological year begins.” Lastly, grab each one of the flowers, infuse them with whatever you want to leave behind, and throw them in the water. End your ritual by practicing a moment of silence and gratitude. 


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