Weekly Astrology Forecast | March 4 - Pisces Stellium | Reclaim Your Inspiration with this Color Magick Ritual

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Is your head in the clouds? You’re not alone! This week, the sky features what astrologers call a Pisces Stellium, which occurs when three or more planets join in one zodiac sign. This configuration features the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Neptune - and at the end of the week - the Moon in the sign of Pisces. 

Whenever trying to move or act, it could feel as if we are running through water! Another effect would be finding ourselves unmotivated due to a lack of focus. On the positive side, it can be a great alignment for meditation, ritual work, as well as creative endeavors and projects. Being the Sign of Vision, mermaid-like Pisces inspires us to work with colors as well as our psychic energy. This week, find inspiration and alignment by performing the Color Magic Ritual below! 

Color Magic Ritual

You will need a set of crayons or markers, scissors, paper sheets, a piece of Selenite, and two white candles. 

Begin by setting the mood by turning your favorite high-vibe playlist on. Then, grab the piece of Selenite and pass it around all your items to clean them from any lingering vibes as you imagine a white beam of light coming from the sky. Next, light your two candles while loudly repeating the mantra: “I invoke my muse within to come out and play with me.” Grab your paper sheets and cut seven medium circles and with the crayons, color each of them with one of the seven colors below. Once you are finished, lay down and put them over your seven chakras in the following order:

Root Chakra: Red - Self-preservation 

Sacral Chakra: Orange - Sensual Pleasures & Relationships

Solar Plexus Chakra: Yellow - Creativity & Power

Heart Chakra: Green - Heart & Feelings

Throat Chakra: Light Blue - Self-expression & Awareness

Third Eye Chakra: Indigo - Intuition

The Crown Chakra: Violet - Connection with Source

Now, you are prepared to enter a deep meditative state! Begin by focusing on each chakra, starting at the Root and ending at the Crown, as you imagine a beam of light shining in the color of each particular chakra. Spend as long as you can in each chakra while you imagine that area of your life flowing in perfect rhythm. When you finish the meditation, thank the universe while imagining a wave of healing water washing over you. Keep your colorful circles to repeat this meditation whenever you need some grounding and nurturing, cosmic support. 


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