Weekly Astrology Forecast I February 26 - A Ritual to Strengthen Your Faith

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After last week’s magnanimous Full Moon, the sky delivers one more punch before February comes to a close. Wednesday is the biggest day, as it features a triple meet-up involving the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn in Pisces. Together, these three planets arrive to remind us of how, to be happy, it is crucial to have a well-established spiritual practice. To better understand how these four archetypes can help us now, let’s pull it apart. 

In Astrology - here are important archetypes for you to learn:

  • The Sun rules the sense of self, our life force, and our ego.
  • Mercury rules communication, thought process, writing, and speech. 
  • Saturn rules responsibility, commitment, and structure. 
  • Pisces brings the archetype of “The Mystic” and “The Psychic.”

Since this conjunction won’t happen again in 2023, the commitments we do now have the ability to carry us into the entire year and even further. We can even see this as laying a strong foundation for a personal project that will develop over time and become stronger as time progresses. Whether you want to learn how to meditate, read the Tarot, or develop a steady ritual practice, Saturn will hear your call, helping you stick to whatever you desire to set an intention around. The ritual below pulls the power of these four cosmic forces, helping you craft a contract that functions as the glue between your body and the universe! 

The Ritual

For this ritual, you'll need a dark blue candle, pen, paper, and Eucalyptus oil. Begin by adding a drop of the oil in each one of your seven chakras. From bottom to top: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and lastly, crown chakra. 

Next, write a list of what you hope to achieve concerning your spiritual practice in the next six months. As a master teacher planet, Saturn likes a well-structured plan, so take into consideration the actions you plan on taking, while also noting where you could use some extra help from the universe. 

Once you feel like you have a well-laid plan, begin anointing your candle with the oil from top to bottom, and after lighting it, repeat the following mantra nine times: "I commit to develop my spiritual practice; I reclaim my connection with the universe.”

Lastly, add a few drops of the oil to the letter, sign it, and place it in your ritual space or sanctuary corner. 

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