Weekly Astrology Forecast I March 11: Goddess Vibes: Your Venus in Pisces Horoscope!

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Rejoice! Sweet vibes arrive this week as Venus - the Planet of Pleasure, Money, and Friendship - enters Pisces, its favorite sign to be in. From March 11th to April 4th, this planet-sign combination is positive for finding love and deepening rapport in existing relationships. It elevates our powers of manifestation, so whenever practicing rituals, focusing on the area of life highlighted for your Sun and Rising signs can truly help bring the goddess vibes into your life! 

Aries: You might be spending more time than normal, perhaps working on your personal healing, your sense of spirituality, or maybe getting cozy with someone! 

Taurus: Get out there - because networking could bring a lot of sweet things your way. Try attending all the events and get-togethers you get invited to! 

Gemini: Career-related rewards could be in store for you, making this a good time to apply for jobs or ask for that promotion you so deserve. 

Cancer: Embracing a spirit of adventure can bring all sorts of opportunities for pleasure! It’s a good time to travel, study, and learn new things. 

Leo: Your closest and most intimate relationships will deepen, bringing you true rapport. You might also become obsessed with someone or solving a mystery, so watch out! 

Virgo: Relationships of all kinds receive goddess-like help. It’s a great time to take a relationship to the next level or find love, so put yourself out there! 

Libra: Your productivity will be at its highest of the entire year, so focus on making stuff happen! It’s also a good time to begin health and wellness regimes. 

Scorpio: This is one of the best times of the year to find romance, as your charm will skyrocket. If already partnered, focus on having more fun with your darling. 

Sagittarius: Your home and private life will receive the sweet vibes, getting you closer to family or your chosen tribe. It’s a great time to remodel or work on DIY projects. 

Capricorn: Your ability to express yourself is highlighted now, making this a good time to ask the universe what you want by writing and voicing your desires. 

Aquarius: You could receive a raise, bonus, or more money in your bank account. Or at least feel like your finances are stabilizing - congratulations! 

Pisces: All eyes are on you - making the next three weeks ideal for boosting your hairstyle or your overall look. Dating and friendships should flow easily, too. 

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