Weekly Astrology Forecast I March 18: A Magnetizing Spell for the Spring Equinox

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Feel yourself blooming like all the beautiful flowers around you! On Tuesday, March 19th at 8:06 p.m. Pacific Time, Mother Earth heralds a new season with the arrival of the Spring Equinox. The beginning of all four seasons is a big deal - but this one, in particular, is potent. Astrologically speaking, this is the beginning of the New Year, as well as the beginning of Aries season. 

The Sun - the star of our solar system - is at its strongest position in the sky all month, bringing light and illuminating the darkest corners of our psyche! In fact, anything we begin on March 20th carries a vibration of strength and drive, making Wednesday a powerful moment for setting intentions for the next twelve months.

When analyzing the chart of the Spring Equinox 2024, the Sun is preparing to form a sextile with Pluto, the Planet of Magnetism and Power. This first connection that the Sun makes with Shaman Pluto sets us up for an epic positive transformation - especially if we are completely confident with our powers of manifestation. After all, Pluto's energy does not mess around, it knows what it wants and grabs it without hesitation. 

If you are completely sure that you are worthy of abundance, the following magnetizing spell is for you! 

A Magnetizing Spring Spell

You will need a jar, bay leaves, dried flowers, a red candle, and a pen and paper. Begin by setting the mood in your space and with a pointy tool, carve the symbol of money in your red candle. Next, light the candle and drop some of your wax in the jar as you imagine the light of the Sun illuminating the jar and wax. 

Write your full name on a piece of paper and begin adding flowers, hearts, and the symbol of money all around your name. Add the dried flowers to your jar as you imagine a beam of green light illuminating the jar, surrounding you with never-ending abundance. Put the paper in the jar and next, add the bay leaves on top of it after charging each one of them with your intention.  Sit down to meditate while gazing at the fire’s candle until it burns down completely or until it feels right to you. End the ritual with the following mantra: “Like the Sun, I am reborn today, magnetizing all my desires in the astrological year ahead.” 

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